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We, the undersigned:

  • believe that innovation is hindered, not helped, by software patents;
  • believe that the current clause 10A(2) of the Patents Bill undermines the exclusion of software patents;
  • request that Commerce Minister Craig Foss alter the Supplementary Order Paper for the Patents Bill currently awaiting its second reading before NZ Parliament to read as follows:
    10A(2): Subsection (1) does not prevent an invention that makes use of an embedded computer program from being patentable.
# Comment
41 Glen Eustace GodZone Internet Services
42 Liam Houlahan Techcertain ltd
43 Dr Mariusz Nowostawski University of Otago I am a software designer, architect and developer. I am involved in multiple startup companies, and make my living from making software. I am strongly against software patents in any form, as they inhibit innovation and prohibit small indie companies and developers to innovate.
44 John Cosgrove sole trader
45 Luke Stewart Supporter/programmer
46 John McCombs Integrated Mapping Ltd
47 Jim Cheetham Inode Limited Providing long-lifetime patents over the rapidly-developing software development world does not improve society by encouraging the eventual release of development & invention; instead it chills the pace of development and prevents improvements in techniques from entering the marketplace and from benefiting society.
48 Dave Horn sole trader
49 Bryan Baldwin sole trader Software patents are immensely destructive to technological industries. Please add distinct language to this bill to ensure software is not patentable here.
50 Francois Marier Mozilla
51 Darryl Hamilton Catalyst IT Ltd Software patents are a huge mistake. All you need to do is look at the bullshit coming out of America around them to see that.
52 David Winston Robb Myself
53 Dave Smylie sole trader
54 Alexander Charles King Linuxworks Limited Without the drag of software patents, we can have a vibrant and innovative software industry in New Zealand, which would benefit consumers in New Zealand and around the world. Software patents stifle innovation and entrench the dominant global players. Wealthy multi-nationals are using all their influence to write New Zealand law as they want it, but we have a choice. Do we want our laws to be written in the interests of New Zealand and the majority of software users, or in the interests of the wealthiest global corporations?
55 Christopher Hall Catalyst IT Ltd.
56 Neil James sole trader
57 Ian Beardslee Self
58 Tim Foster sole trader
59 Graham Wagener sole trader
60 Shane Herbert Law West Law Office, New Plymouth, NZ
61 Paul Brislen just representing me Kiwi companies cannot afford to enforce software patents and being able to patent things like "clicking a button" and "pinching the screen" should not be allowed. Patents are for inventions, not for business processes.
62 Grant Paton-Simpson PSAL Software patents make innovation risky for kiwi developers, especially for start-ups. And does anyone seriously think patent-wars, e.g. between Apple and Samsung, advance innovation and competition?
63 Aaron Hicks Landcare Research NZ ltd Software patents will stifle innovation and scientific progress.
64 Nathan Rogers Alcatel-Lucent NZ
65 David Clarke Catalyst IT
66 Brandel Zachernuk Sole Trader I believe that software patents do not serve the progress of technology and need to be abolished in their current form.
67 Finlay Thompson Dragonfly Science
68 Laurence Millar GVG Ltd
69 Rafael Marcelino do Santos sole trader
70 Evan Giles myself I am a professional software developer - living and working in NZ, I am greatly concerned at the stifling effect of patents on the software industry.
71 Richard Henderson sole trader
72 Andrew D C Troup ATD The ambiguity of the proposed change is a gift to lawyers, and to those with deep enough pockets to pay for large quantities of legal representation. The rest of us might as well find a different avenue for our creative endeavours.
73 Mark Foster Jazzed Solutions Ltd Even if I agreed with the idea of software patents (and I don't), the fact that this change was slipped back in behind the backs of all of those who actually care, is a significant failure by the government to pay attention to its constituents. Strange isn't it that it's the Lawyers who are Pro and the Software developers who are Anti? Which of those two groups is actually productive when it comes to software? Speaks for itself.
74 Hugh Davidson Thankyou Payroll Limited No one is going to be able to benefit from trying to copy my code. Patents are irrelevant in our sector and I think generally. What's important is providing solutions to problems and building stronger and happier communities. Patents for software will not contribute to that goal. They just open the door for larger organisations to stomp on the little guy.
75 Owen Evans Ltd Software patents are a scourge on the industry. We should not support such anti inovation exercises
76 Nicolás Erdödy Open Parallel Having a unique legislation in software in New Zealand would have long-term positive consequences for the welfare of our country. Patents are essentially restraints of trade. Software patents cannot be enforced in a logical way, inhibit new technical developments and waste resources while contributing to the economic polarisation of the innovation sector.
77 Richard Shea Cuba Group
78 Eric Light Gravity Computing Limited
79 Jocelyn Kidd Parent and teacher
80 Karaitiana Taiuru The New Zealand Maori Internet Society