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We, the undersigned:

  • believe that innovation is hindered, not helped, by software patents;
  • believe that the current clause 10A(2) of the Patents Bill undermines the exclusion of software patents;
  • request that Commerce Minister Craig Foss alter the Supplementary Order Paper for the Patents Bill currently awaiting its second reading before NZ Parliament to read as follows:
    10A(2): Subsection (1) does not prevent an invention that makes use of an embedded computer program from being patentable.
# Comment
121 Colin Jackson Technology strategist, project manager and IT services exporter Software patents are nothing more than a mechanism for wealthy established businesses to prevent disruption to their businesses by young companies, such as those in New Zealand. Allowing software patents is in no way in our national interest. New Zealand is respected around the world for having led the way in so many policy areas - and so we will be if we do our bit to end the corruption that is software patents.
122 Malcolm Locke Wholemeal Ltd
123 Robert Fraser Egressive Limited Software patents are neither necessary nor desirable.
124 Kalman Bekesi Patients only benefit big businesses that can afford to create and fight for them.
125 Matt Woodrow
126 Matthew Green sole trader
127 Andrew Thompson Clone Consulting Limited
128 Layne Small sole trader
129 Nigel McNie Shoptime Software
130 Sam Bonner Individual Software patents stifle innovation and freedom.
131 Chris Cormack Koha Software Project
132 Andrew Chilton Apps Attic Ltd Submitted as owner of AppsAttic Ltd, as an online entrepreneur and as a programmer/developer living in New Zealand.
133 Bevan Lucion Limited
134 Martyn Smith
135 Tim Uckun Digital Dialogue Please don't repeat the mistakes other countries have made.
136 Juha Saarinen Writer "As such" makes for messy, ambiguous law and needs to go.
137 Hugh Davenport
138 Daniel O'Dea Sole Trader Patents on software is irrelivent when our copyright law covers the issue of software ownership perfectly well.
139 Thomas Beagle Supporter
140 Alan Burns
141 Robert O'Callahan Mozilla Corporation (NZ) I manage a team of software developers in Mozilla's Auckland office, who help create Firefox. I sign this petition on my own behalf, not Mozilla's, but as a senior manager and engineer at Mozilla I know it is the desire of most at Mozilla that software not be patentable. We have been part of a wave of innovation in Web browsers over the last decade that has benefited from a lack of patents on Web-related software technology. Indeed, wherever we have encountered patent issues, progress of Web browsers and Web standards has been impeded. We have experienced software patent holders trying to leverage their patents to monopolize emerging Web technology, and have had to expend vast resources to counter them. Rejecting the patentability of software is both principled and pragmatic. It must not be undermined by "back door" clauses that allow clever lawyers to patent software in another guise.
142 Hilary James Oliver
143 Hamish MacEwan Sole Trader
144 Peter Asquith As an individual Software patents demonstrably curb innovation especially by small developers. Many software patents have been issued for self-evident processes by courts who have not been qualified to judge their admissibility. Software can be reduced to mathematical formulae and thus should be treated as such and be unpatentable.
145 Chris Pearce Mozilla
146 Kelvin Sim
147 Eddie Loeffen Vinsight Software
148 James Harton Sociable Limited
149 Darren Inwood Chrometoaster New Media Ltd
150 Lenz Gschwendtner ideegeo Group Limited
151 Jeremy Wells
152 Nick Moylan Superstar Software
153 John Blance
154 Andrew Turner WhiteQueue
155 Leigh Harrison else{}
156 Anton Koukine CarJam
157 Danie Viljoen newNui
158 Edmond J F Gilmore NA Like computer code, legal code should be absolutely clear in its function. 'As such' is a nonsense clause in a legal document - a bit like saying 'it can't, except when it can.' This is weak lawmaking at the behest of established overseas corporate interests, against the wishes of actual New Zealand developers and companies. We need this industry to be as strong as possible, with as many local advantages as possible. Local legisilation is a huge part of that.
159 Richard Fortune Open software is the currency of the future. Stop listening to the agents of the past as they desperately try to lay down "agreements" which are agreeable to no one other than themselves and which will ultimately drop NZ back into the dark ages. Unless we want to own the patent on backwater countries.
160 Michael Foley