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We, the undersigned:

  • believe that innovation is hindered, not helped, by software patents;
  • believe that the current clause 10A(2) of the Patents Bill undermines the exclusion of software patents;
  • request that Commerce Minister Craig Foss alter the Supplementary Order Paper for the Patents Bill currently awaiting its second reading before NZ Parliament to read as follows:
    10A(2): Subsection (1) does not prevent an invention that makes use of an embedded computer program from being patentable.
# Comment
201 David McGahan sole trader I don't support the ambiguous legislation.
202 Mark Harris sole trader Patents are misused to prevent innovation, not promote it.
203 Daniel Harborne
204 Malcolm Stayner Sage Consulting Limited The proposed remedy avoids ambiguity while protecting inventions that have embedded software.
205 Potaua Biasiny-Tule We want to ensure that local innovation is protected, that our cultural assets remain within the protection of our local communities and Aotearoa remains free from the stranglehold of international corporations who care more for their profits than for our ability to korero, to communicate, to share. Kia kaha tatou and NO to Software Patents in Aotearoa!
206 Kieran McKewen IT Student This is a backwards remedy
207 Alick Wilson
208 Peter Harrison NZOSS
209 Alan Rex Powell sole trader
210 George Tongariro Whitireia NZ
211 Nicholas Cameron Mozilla
212 Ken Lomax
213 Jeffrey Nowak Nowak IT
214 Robert Ancell
215 Rory John Gamble
216 Ewen McNeill Naos Ltd s10A(2) as proposed by No Software Patents is much clearer, less ambiguous, and in keeping with the intended clarification (that merely including software in an invention doesn't prevent the whole item being an invention) than the draft language from Supplementary Order Paper No 120. I hope the text proposed by No Software Patents is adopted.
217 Patrick Dodd Reson8 Consulting Ltd
218 Jeremy Walker Web Concepts ltd.
219 Illeyah Draunidalo
220 Dean Cowie
221 Joshua King
222 Matthew Gregan Mozilla
223 Robert Boyd Big Splash Ltd
224 Kyle Brannick Software patents have repeatedly been abused and misused in the court of law, stifling creative endeavors. New Zealand should avoid falling into the same trap which is currently causing havoc in the United States legal system and avoid software patents.
225 Russell Mancklin Holland EC Technologies Ltd
226 Sean Voyce
227 Mike Wilson Mike Wilson Small NZ software developers will not be able to write code with large numbers of vague software patents about. It is not practical to look for infringement for every UI control you have created, or code class you design.
228 Tim Soar Potential sole trader A computer, is for many of us amateurs, an electronic "garden shed" for tinkering and inventing. Please don't do anything to stifle the possibilities this represents.
229 Karl Laird sole trader Software patents have proven to be a major hindrance to innovation in many jurisdictions around the world, including to some of New Zealand's most internationally successful software companies.
230 Greg Amer As a software patent holder, the cost and effort to secure patents derailed and ultimately destroyed my startup company after 8 years. They are anti innovation and only suit large internationals with established patenting arms inside the company and exist to the detriment of smaller innovative New Zealand companies.
231 Scott Lilly ComputerPlus Group Ltd
232 Adrian Croucher
233 Graham Stephen Boyle Private citizen I am a software developer in the public tertiary education sector. My view is wholly unconnected with any view that my employee may or may not have, now or in the future
234 Simon Riley Sole Trader
235 Richard Schofield
236 Warren Anderson
237 Philip Craig Court PC Court Ltd The software industry is very fast moving and requires an environment where people and businesses are free to innovate and build on ideas of the past. Software patents stifle this innovation and add no value to nimble fast moving software companies (which are common in NZ). Software should not be patentable.
238 Kenneth Dixon
239 Zane Ashby
240 Timothy James McKenzie Makarios I am a mathematician who has some interests overlapping with computer science. I submitted on the Patents Bill during the Select Committee process --- --- and I was pleased when the Select Committee unanimously chose to exclude the patentability of software (although in my oral submission I had recommended an avoidance-of-doubt solution clarifying that software is no more than algorithms, which are already known not to be patentable). Therefore, I was disappointed to learn that after private lobbying, an SOP has been proposed to over-ride the decision that was made following the public Select Committee process. (Did the same thing happen with the introduction of Section 92A of the Copyright Act?) As a mathematician, I want to be sure that I am allowed to implement any algorithm on a general purpose computer without having to ask for permission from any patent owners.