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We, the undersigned:

  • believe that innovation is hindered, not helped, by software patents;
  • believe that the current clause 10A(2) of the Patents Bill undermines the exclusion of software patents;
  • request that Commerce Minister Craig Foss alter the Supplementary Order Paper for the Patents Bill currently awaiting its second reading before NZ Parliament to read as follows:
    10A(2): Subsection (1) does not prevent an invention that makes use of an embedded computer program from being patentable.
# Comment
241 Jesse Meek University of Otago
242 Dominik Schmid
243 Jelle Sjoerdsma I am an active angel investor, with investments in 6 NZ software companies. The ability to have NZ software patents would be a net liability; not an asset for the NZ economy.
244 Hamish McNaughton Sole trader
245 Gerald Timothy Quimpo
246 Dagan McGregor As a user and consumer and amateur developer, I don't want to see software patents in NZ, as evidence from overseas shows that they are not used to support innovation. The greatest period of productivity and innovation in software was in the 80s and 90s before the idea of software patents and lawsuits became popular in the USA.
247 Daniel Paul Quickenden sole trader
248 Steve Hoeksema The Fold Limited
249 John Harborne
250 Chris Allcock Good Question Ltd
251 Jad K Pamment UC(Undergrad BSc Computer Science)
252 Alexander Abushkevich Sole Trader I am a professional software developer - living and working in NZ. Software patents add unnecessary trade constraints, huge risks and legal representation costs to all software developers. Software patents will be extremely harmful to New Zealand software industry. Please make it clear that software is not patentable.
253 Terry Woods Opus International Consultants
254 David Neilsen PANmedia
255 Trond Nilsen Sole Trader
256 James Tittsler
257 Brian Michael Barton sole trader It greatly disturbs me to think we may bring in software patents to appease the Americans with the TPPA. They are counter productive and make it almost impossible to program without a lawyer at your side.
258 Garry Roberton Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec) Senior ICT tutor and researcher
259 Daniel Bruck Kevin Lord Playground brewing limited
260 Ian Apperley Isis Group Ltd
261 Karl Tomlinson Mozilla
262 Sue Sutherland Sue Sutherland Consulting
263 Patrick Copeland Private
264 Jonathan Chen Myself Copyright protection is adequate. Money for developers, not for lawyers.
265 John Emerson Business Performance Technologies
266 Laurie Fleming Sole trader In 1980 I wrote software on an IBM mainframe for creating generic cascading multi-indexed menus. I, amongst many others, wrote the 'prior art'. If only I'd known that portable music players were to exist, I would have sued Creative Technology twenty years later. Or not.
267 Tim Penhey
268 Sarah Bennett
269 James Magness Gravitate Ltd
270 George Sealy Greengage Consulting Services
271 Aaron Singline Turboweb Limited Software patents stifle innovation. The stack becomes too muddied too fast so that any developer can't move for fear of breaching a patent that is obvious to the point that even basic functionality will be restricted.
272 Steve Hennerley Telnet Services Limited The remedy proposed here should not be an issue unless there are some other reasons for the ambiguous language in the recent modifications - the law should wherever possible (and this appears to be one of those occasions) be unambiguous. Allowing loopholes for software patents to exists will only serve to reduce innovation and increase litigation for no benefit to software developers or software users. Please DO NOT follow the example of the EU and make this unanimous recommendation null and void!
273 Richard Vowles Blue Train Software Ltd With all of the problems these cause in the USA, what kind of idiot wants these in NZ?
274 Steve Withers sole trader Software patents are being used by defacto monopolists to block innovation and prevent competition. Don't allow it.
275 Donovan Jackson Copywriters, Inc Don't stifle software innovation!
276 David Ari Moskovitz Think Tank Consulting Limited
277 Joshua Stewart Collins
278 Terence Beck Telnet Services Limited
279 Alex Dong Avos System Software patent is the most malicious troy horse you can embed into NZ. It kills the root of innovation.
280 Edmund Stephen-Smith Myself. I do not speak for my employer. Software is being created daily by millions of people. That's our job -- the invention of new things. Every day. Unlike industrial inventions, it is certain that new ways of doing things will be invented independently in parallel more-or-less simultaneously. Often these inventions will be improved upon, many times, by one person, or in one organisation, before they are released to the public. Should the fact that one organisation filled in a form first be sufficient reason to prohibit everyone else's work? Patents are supposed to reward and encourage innovation. Software patents *discourage* innovation: who knows if that "new" idea you have is *already* patented? It's not practical to search -- not when millions around the world are writing code every day and, worse, it's not necessarily immediately obvious when a patent actually applies to this situation. The safe course is not to use that idea because, two years down the line it might turn out that someone else *has* filled in that form, and then you have to rewrite your product to remove this little "new" idea that's buried deep inside.