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We, the undersigned:

  • believe that innovation is hindered, not helped, by software patents;
  • believe that the current clause 10A(2) of the Patents Bill undermines the exclusion of software patents;
  • request that Commerce Minister Craig Foss alter the Supplementary Order Paper for the Patents Bill currently awaiting its second reading before NZ Parliament to read as follows:
    10A(2): Subsection (1) does not prevent an invention that makes use of an embedded computer program from being patentable.
# Comment
321 Andrew Karl Mills sole trader
322 Paul Coddington Pink Axolotl As Senior developer at Pink Axolotl, Microsoft Partner and software solutions provider.
323 Andrew McMillan Morphoss Ltd Patents stifle growth, placing barriers in the way of converting innovative ideas into saleable solutions. The only people who benefit from this chilling effect are large corporations who can afford to pursue costly processes and survive ensuring litigation. No thanks.
324 Liviu Sas
325 Nicholas John Lennan
326 Richard Innes
327 Greg Bodnar Industrial Research Ltd
328 Kevin Luke Mall Audio
329 James Speed-Kerr
330 David Christie
331 Keir Rice
332 Robin Hilton Software should never be patentable.
333 Miraz Jordan Sole trader
334 Scott Wylie Techworks Ltd
335 Matt Kraemer proper insulation
336 Ayla Guinever Allen
337 James Miller PocketRent
338 Gavin Thompson Catalyst IT Limited Software patents stifle innovation and reduce productivity, the very opposite of what government should be encouraging in a weak economy.
339 Daniel John Neville The government’s last-minute addition of 10A(2) horribly perverts the intention of the original bill. However unintentional it might have been, the effect is somewhat like a rider or a submarine bill of the sort that is infamous in U.S. politics. Software patents are a bad idea. The behaviour of the USPTO amounts to racketeering given that they advised that the best protection against spurious patent lawsuits was to build a portfolio of (equally spurious) “defensive” patents.
340 Louis Lepper Software patents are the scorn of the earth.
341 Andrew Caudwell
342 Nicholas Malcolm The proposed amendment by Commerce Minister, Craig Foss, in the Supplementary Order Paper No 120, is flawed. This has been proved conclusively by cases in the European Union. This amendment should be thrown out, in favour of the replacement put forth on
343 Sam Minnée SilverStripe Limited We agree wholeheartedly with the view that software patents damage the software industry rather than helping it grow, and therefore see the exclusion of software from patentable inventions as an important step in aiding the growth of a highly valuable industry in New Zealand. The issue raised is a legitimate one, the amendments suggested are an adequate concession to those who wish to patent inventions that include embedded software, and we urge the government to incorporate this suggestion into the final bill.
344 Ross Williamson Sole trader Software patents are toxic to the ecosystem as has been repeatedly demonstrated overseas. If anything steps should be being taken to limit or eliminate software patents not introducing loopholes to allow them
345 Nick Dowse
346 Ronald Collinson Computer Science Student We fought the exclusion of sotware patents, which the goverment accepted a few years ago. We cant accept this back handed approach to introducing it. It will be massivly harmful to software develepers (both companys and 'indie') in NZ
347 Gordon Findlay Self
348 Keith Humm
349 Lawrence Robin Williams
350 Andrew Mitchell
351 Peter Stringer
352 Mike Thomas
353 Shaun Craig Hendren-McMillan Sole Trader
354 Murray Hugh McDonald Sutherland sole trader
355 Daniel Bertinshaw Versalife Industries As someone who has a FOSS based software startup, software patents represent a threat to my chances to grow New Zealand's IT sector.
356 Matthew Baeriswyl ifix computers
357 Emlyn Revell-Nash Provoke Solutions
358 Raghuram Vijapurapu Think Believe Do
359 Donald Frederick Gray Thorndon Consultants Software patents stifle innovation. We don't need to import the mistakes made in the US into this country.
360 Roger John Parkinson Prometheus Consuting